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2017 Public Notices

Understanding Public Notices
The City of Birmingham distributes public notices to make you aware of important information and/or changes within your community. Public notices inform you about government actions, and will alert you when the interests of your family, your neighborhood or your business are affected by an upcoming project. Select from the notice categories below to learn what's happening around your home or business. Click on the orange envelope icon above (Email notify) to be notified by email of updates to this page.

Private Project Notices 
Public Project Notices 
Public Notices (ordinance changes, RFP notifications, etc.)   
Utility Projects
Public Meetings
Public Alerts   
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Private Project Notices
Meeting/Notice Date  Project Address Project Name Board/Committee Description 
2/13/17 555 S. Old Woodward  555 Office & Residential Buildings  City Commission Rezone from D4 to D5 in Downtown Overlay 
2/13/17 411 S. Old Woodward  Birmingham Place  City Commission  Rezone from D4 to D5 in Downtown Overlay
2/13/17 225 E. Merrill Merrillwood Building   City Commission  Rezone from D4 to D5 in Downtown Overlay
2/13/17 412-420 E. Frank St. Rezoning  City Commission  Rezone from B1 (Neighborhood Business) to R3 (Single-Family Residential) & from B2B (General Commercial) to TZ1 (Transitional Zoning)

Public Project Notices
Project Address Project Name Board/Committee/
S. Eton Rd - Maple Rd to Lincoln Ave.
S. Eton - Maple - Lincoln Proposal
Multi Modal Transportation Board The Multi-Modal Transportation Board is a volunteer group appointed by the City Commission to make recommendations for public street improvements in accordance with the Multi-Modal Master Plan.  A public hearing is scheduled on Thursday, June 1, 2017, at 6:00 P.M. at the Birmingham Municipal Bldg. (151 Martin St.) to discuss the above corridor.  Please enter through the Police Dept. on the Pierce St. side of the building.  Proposals include the installation of a pedestrian island improvement at Maple  Rd., the removal of on-street parking on the west side, installation of a bike lane on the existing pavement, and pedestrian bumpouts at the intersections of Villa, Hazel, Bowers, Cole, and Lincoln. Go to: If you wish to submit written comment for the Board to consider, please send to no later than May 25, 2017.

5/17/17 Woodward and Elm St. starting near 820 S. Old Woodward Fiber Optic Installation Engineering A contractor will be installing fiber optic cable starting today into next week in the area of Woodward Ave. and Elm St.  The work will start in front of 820 S. Old Woodward Ave., south of George St.  The line will cross Woodward Ave. in front of the Walgreen's Drug Store, then turn north.  The work will then extend on Elm St. north to just north of Forest Ave.  
All traffic lanes are expected to stay open, but miscellaneous parking spaces will have to be closed to accommodate this work. 
Brown St. - Southfield Rd. to Chester St.
Melton Rd. - Eton Rd. to 14 Mile Rd. 
Sheffield Rd. - Eton Rd. to Cheltenham Rd.
Cheltenham Rd. - Sheffield Rd. to Dunstable Rd.
Dunstable Rd. - Melton Rd. to Cheltenham Rd.
Bradford Rd. - Eton Rd. to Melton Rd.  
Asphalt Rejuvenation Engineering Department Several streets that had asphalt work done late last year will now be sealed as the final step in the construction process.  Contractor Pavement Technology will be in town completing this work, which can be completed in less than four hours, starting at approx. 9 a.m.  
The work will include sweeping the street so it is clean.  A clear seal coat will then be applied using a truck, immediately followed by a thin coat of white sand to help absorb extra sealer.  After fifteen minutes, the sweeper comes through to pick up the excess sand.  The road will be closed less than half an hour.  Homes that have driveways abutting the work will be given advance notice with individual flyers left at front doors.  
We ask that all parked cars be removed for Tuesday morning to help facilitate this work. After application, the road will feel a bit wet and tacky for about 24 hours until it completely dries out.

Public Notices (Election, Ordinance changes, RFP notifications, etc.)
Notice/Meeting Date  Project Name  Project/Meeting Address  Board/Committee/ Department Description 
3/13/17 Amendment
to the Zoning Ordinance
Municipal Bldg.
151 Martin St.
City Commission To consider an amendment to the Zoning Ordinance, Chapter 126:

A complete copy of the proposed ordinance amendments may be reviewed at the City Clerk’s Office or contact Planning Director, Jana Ecker at 248.530.1841

2/13/17  Zoning Ordinance Municipal Building, 
151 Martin Street
 City Commission Amend Section 2.29 B2 (General Business) to amend Accessory Permitted Uses, and Amend Appendix C, Exhibit 1, Economic Development Licenses Map

 Zoning Ordinance Municipal Building, 
151 Martin Street
 City Commission Add Article 02, Section 2.29 (General Business) to allow bistros in Rail District as a Special Land Use;Add Article 02, Section 2.31 (General Business) to allow bistros in Rail District as a Special Land Use; Add Article 09, Section 9.02 (Definitions) to add a definition for Rail District
2/13/17  Zoning Ordinance Municipal Building, 
151 Martin Street
 City Commission Amend Article 03 Downtown Birmingham Overlay District, Section 3.04 to create new D 5 zone & establish development standards for district; Amend Article 06, Nonconformance, Section 6.02, to allow for extension and/or enlargement of existing legal, non-conforming buildings 
2/13/17  Zoning Ordinance Municipal Building, 
151 Martin Street
 City Commission Amend Article 2, Section 2.37, B4 Business Residential, to allow use of liquor license in theaters in B4 zoning district; To consider the associated amendments to Chapter 10, Alcoholic Liquors, Article II, to add a Division 5, Licenses for Theaters

Utility Projects
Notice Date  Areas Impacted  Description of Work


Public Meetings

City Commission  
Advisory Parking Committee  
Ad Hoc Parking Development Committee  
Ad Hoc Rail District Review Committee  
Architectural Review Committee  
Birmingham Area Cable Board  
Birmingham Triangle District Corridor Improvement Authority  
Board of Building Trades Appeals  
Board of Ethics  
Board of Review  
Board of Zoning Appeals  
Brownfield Redevelopment Authority  
Design Review Board  
Greenwood Cemetery Advisory Board  
Historic District Commission  
Historic District Study Committee  
Housing Board of Appeals  
Library Board  
Martha Baldwin Park Board  
Multi-Modal Transportation Board  
Museum Board 
Parks & Recreation Board  
Planning Board  
Public Arts Board  
Birmingham Shopping District Board

Public Alerts

Date   Topic Department/Area Description 
4/21/17 Water Main Break 825 Bowers - Bowers from Elm to S. Adams
There has been a water main break on the 8 inch main at 825 Bowers as of 7 am this morning.
Bowers St. from Elm St. to S. Adams St. will not have water until repairs are made. This water main break will not affect any residents, and Birmingham repair crews are on site making repairs.
4/13/17 Barnum Park Ecological Burn
 2 p.m. today
Barnum Park

The Department of Public Services will conduct a prescribed ecological burn on Thursday, April 13, 2017 at 2 p.m. at Barnum Park, in the native prairie no-mow areas.  The prescribed burn is safe and has the approval of the local fire department, which has issued a permit for this burn to be conducted. The burn will be conducted in such a manner as to minimize the amount of smoke produced and to direct any smoke away from smoke-sensitive areas. If you have any questions or concerns, you may contact the Department of Public Services at 248-530-1700. For more information on the burn, go to

3/8/17 Road closures due to downed wires; high winds result in power outages Lincoln is closed from Washington to Bates;
Taunton is closed from Croft to Lincoln
Due to high winds, several areas are affected by high winds, causing extensive power outages and subsequent road closures- if the power lines extend across the roadway. To report a power outage, call 1-800-477-4747, or go to: to stay up to date on when power is expected to be restored.
3/8/17 Water service restored Humphrey between Grant and Woodward
As of 9:55 a.m. today, the water has been restored after a temporary shutdown for emergency repairs.
2/24/17 Water Main Break Worthington Ave. between Southfield Rd and Latham Rd.
There is a small water main break at 895 Worthington Ave between Southfield Rd. and Latham Rd. Our repair crews started at 8:00 a m. and will notify the affected area before they shut off their water supply for repairs. 
2/21/17 UPDATE: 1:40pm
Gas Main Break
Martin and Bates
The gas main break at the corner of Martin and Bates has been contained. The intersection remains closed as crews continue the repair work. Baldwin Public Library and City Hall remain closed; all others may return to their businesses.
2/13/17 Water Main Break Bennaville St. from Grant St. to Edgewood St.
There is a water main break at 427 Bennaville St. and a repair crew is on site. 
This water main break will only affect Bennaville St. from Grant St. to Edgewood St.  
Residents will be notified before their water is shut off. Update: The main has been repaired.
Water Main Break 2180 Avon Ln and 355 Hanna St
There is a water main break at 2180 Avon Ln, and another main break at 355 Hanna St.  
Repair crews are on site and working on both water main breaks. Residents will be notified before their water is shut off.

Water Main Break On Willits between N. Chester and Greenwood St.
There is a water main break on Willits St. between N. Chester St. and Greenwood St. We have a repair crew on site. 
1/9/17 Water Main Break Grant Street
There is a water main break on Grant St. from Davis St. to Catalpa St. and the repair crew is on site. The crew will notify residents before their water supply is shut off to make repairs.

Water Main Break  Old Salem Ct.
There is a water main break on Redding St. between Lakeside St. and Lake Park St. Old Salem Court will not have water when the repair crew shuts down the 8" main. Repair crews are on site and they will notify residents before they shut off their water supply.