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2018 Public Notices

Understanding Public Notices
The City of Birmingham distributes public notices to make you aware of important information and/or changes within your community. Public notices inform you about government actions, and will alert you when the interests of your family, your neighborhood or your business are affected by an upcoming project. Select from the notice categories below to learn what's happening around your home or business. Click on the orange envelope icon above (Email notify) to be notified by email of updates to this page.

Private Project Notices 
Public Project Notices 
Public Notices (ordinance changes, RFP notifications, etc.)   
Utility Projects
Public Meetings
Public Alerts   
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Private Project Notices
Meeting/Notice Date  Project Address Project Name Board/Committee Description 

1509 Maryland Variance Board of Zoning Appeals Variance for front yard egress window

34901 Woodward Variance Board of Zoning Appeals Variance for signage
1598 Redding Variance Board of Zoning Appeals Dimensional Variances for a required side yard setback and allowable projections into the required side yard

Public Project Notices
Project Address Project Name Board/Committee/

Public Notices (Election, Ordinance changes, RFP notifications, etc.)
Notice/Meeting Date  Project Name  Project/Meeting Address  Board/Committee/ Department Description 

Utility Projects
Notice Date  Areas Impacted  Description of Work

Public Alerts

Date   Topic Department/Area Description 
1/9/18 Water Main Break 1607 S. Bates between Southlawn and Northlawn Blvd. There is a 6 inch water main break at 1607 S. Bates between Southlawn Blvd. and Northlawn Blvd. City crews will begin repairs on this break at 7 a.m. Tuesday morning. The area has been made safe with a lighted barricade, and this break is a very small leak draining into a catch basin. 
Water Main
720 Westwood Dr. between Oak and Pine St.
We have a 6" water main break at 720 Westwood Dr. between Oak St. and Pine St. Our repair crew are on site to start our repair process and they will notify the residents on Westwood Dr. before we shut off their water main for repairs. We are projecting this water main to be fixed and on full supply by 1 pm today.

Public Meetings

City Commission  
Advisory Parking Committee  
Ad Hoc Parking Development Committee  
Ad Hoc Rail District Review Committee  
Architectural Review Committee  
Birmingham Area Cable Board  
Birmingham Triangle District Corridor Improvement Authority  
Board of Building Trades Appeals  
Board of Ethics  
Board of Review  
Board of Zoning Appeals  
Brownfield Redevelopment Authority  
Design Review Board  
Greenwood Cemetery Advisory Board  
Historic District Commission  
Historic District Study Committee  
Housing Board of Appeals  
Library Board  
Martha Baldwin Park Board  
Multi-Modal Transportation Board  
Museum Board 
Parks & Recreation Board  
Planning Board  
Public Arts Board  
Birmingham Shopping District Board