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Sidewalk Program

Updated: Sep 9, 2021
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2022/23 Concrete Sidewalk Program

The 22/23 sidewalk repairs program will focus on Residential Area 5 and Downtown
Area 1C. Area 5 extends in general from Southfield Rd to the western City limits, and
Maple Rd to the southern City limits14 Mile Road. Area 1C of the downtown generally
extends from Woodward to Pierce, from Maple Road to Daines. Construction on this
work would likely begin in late summer. Other concrete sidewalk work being planned
• Concrete slabs for granite bench locations along W. Maple Rd.
• Sidewalk gap closure on the north side of Oak St., between Lakeview &
Greenwood (in front of Greenwood Cemetery)
• Reconstructing sidewalk on Ann St., from Lincoln to Landon, to correct sidewalk
cross-slope issues.