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S. Old Woodward Reconstruction Phase 3

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Bowers intersection aerial small
South Old Woodward Avenue is now open! Thank you to our Engineering Department, contractors, businesses, residents and all those who travel through the city for their patience and support throughout this project. We are excited to announce the following enhancements:
  • Installation of 3,500+ ft. of new sewers
  • Replacement of 500+ ft. of water main and installed new fire hydrants
  • Installation of 14,000+ ft. of conduit for communication services
  • Installation of 14,000+ ft. of new electrical services
  • Replacement of 48,000+ sq. ft. of walkable sidewalk
  • Installation of 27,000+ sq. ft. of decorative concrete
  • Installation of medians to help with traffic calming and additional crosswalks to provide for a safer experience for both pedestrians and drivers
Over the next few weeks, the contractor will complete final punch list items which may require periodic partial closures. During this work, Haynes will remain closed between Old Woodward and Woodward. DTE has provided temporary lights for pedestrian crossings and will soon install permanent pedestrian crossing lights and poles. Thank you for your patience as they complete this work.
South Old Woodward is open and we hope you enjoy the many infrastructure, safety and aesthetic improvements!

Stay Informed!
- Weekly project updates via email for residents and businesses: bhamgov.org/enews
- Text updates for businesses within the construction zone: Simply text PHASE3 (all caps, no spaces) to 91896. After the initial keyword is sent, you will receive a confirmation message asking you to reply YES to verify opt-in.

Project Updates 
Free Parking Opportunities    
Detour Route 
Sidewalk Access and Pedestrian Crossings
History & Project Overview  
Frequently Asked Questions regarding the South Old Woodward Reconstruction Phase 3 Project  
Project Renderings  

PavetheWay_Grey[1] 275x275 pixelsPaving the Way to a More Beautiful Downtown
We’re paving the way to a more beautiful downtown! While South Old Woodward Avenue receives important infrastructure upgrades during Phase 3 of the Reconstruction Project, the Birmingham Shopping District (BSD) is continuing to support downtown businesses and the community by offering the following incentives throughout the project:

Free Parking Opportunities from the City and BSD
Pierce Street (333 Pierce Street) and Peabody Street (222 Peabody Street) municipal structures: Free 2-hour parking on weekdays and free parking on weekends. Visit www.bhamgov.org/parking to view a parking widget with real-time information on available parking spots within the municipal structures.

Free Two-Hour Parking
    • 18 parking spots (including one accessible spot) at the former Don Thomas Sporthaus, located at 690 South Old Woodward.
    • On-street parking in the following locations: 
      • Six parking spots on Bowers Street (east of South Old Woodward Avenue, on the north and south sides of Bowers Street)
      • Five parking spots (including one handicap spot) on Frank Street (west of South Old Woodward Avenue, south side of Frank Street).
      • Nine parking spots Hazel Street (east of South Old Woodward Avenue, south side of Hazel Street).

History & Project Overview 
In 2013, the City began to address the aging infrastructure in the core of the Central Business District with portions of Pierce Street from Maple to Merrill and Merrill Street from Pierce to Old Woodward. In 2016, Hamilton Avenue was reconstructed from Old Woodward to Woodward Avenue. These projects included new water lines, sewer lines and roads. 

In 2018, efforts continued in the Central Business District with downtown infrastructure improvements scheduled in phases. The 2018 project included larger areas involving both Old Woodward and Maple. These areas had some of the oldest water and sewer lines in the City, as well as a streetscape that was on a different grade than the road.  Much of the old infrastructure was installed in the 1940s and had exceeded its useful life. Learn about the 2018 Old Woodward Reconstruction Project here.  

Phases123 (1)

The city completed the Maple Road Reconstruction Project in 2020. The project stretched from Chester to Woodward Ave., and included safety improvements to the Southfield Rd. and Maple Rd. intersection. Learn about the 2020 Maple Road Reconstruction Project here.

The South Old Woodward Reconstruction Phase 3 project will begin in 2022 between Brown and Landon. Similar to the award winning 2018 Old Woodward Reconstruction Project and 2020 Maple Road Reconstruction projects, this project will result in new underground infrastructure, new streetscape and much more. Design features will include:

  • Curb bumpouts at each intersection will improve crosswalks for pedestrians. Mid-block crosswalks, raised planter beds and landscape features will also be added.
  • Enhancements will include: exposed aggregate concrete, granite bench seating areas and new street lights. 
  • Improved on-street accessible parking spaces, each served with an individual sidewalk ramp to improve conditions for those needing accommodations. 

Detour Route

Detour Map & Parking 4

Sidewalk Access and Pedestrian Crossings
East-west pedestrian crossings can be accessed at:
  • The north side of Hazel Street to the north side of Frank Street
  • The north side of Bowers Street to the west side of South Old Woodward Avenue (this crosswalk has been temporarily relocated to the south side of the intersection for project work).
The sidewalk terminates for north-south access in the following areas:
  • At Daines Street on the west side of South Old Woodward Avenue
  • Just south of the 555 Building on the east side of South Old Woodward Avenue
Project Renderings

Bowers intersection aerial small

Bowers to Haynes small

Hazel Frank intersection - small

Additional project renderings, goals and Phase 3 information:
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Inked21_1018_CityCommission_DRAFT (1) 4_LI
InkedPages from 21_1018_CityCommission_DRAFT (1)_LI
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Project Updates
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