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South Old Woodward Reconstruction Phase 3 Project

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History & Project Overview  
Frequently Asked Questions regarding the South Old Woodward Reconstruction Phase 3 Project  
Project Updates 
Project Renderings  

History & Project Overview 

In 2013, the City began to address the aging infrastructure in the core of the Central Business District with portions of Pierce Street from Maple to Merrill and Merrill Street from Pierce to Old Woodward. In 2016, Hamilton Avenue was reconstructed from Old Woodward to Woodward Avenue. These projects included new water lines, sewer lines and roads. 

In 2018, efforts continued in the Central Business District with downtown infrastructure improvements scheduled in phases. The 2018 project included larger areas involving both Old Woodward and Maple. These areas had some of the oldest water and sewer lines in the City, as well as a streetscape that was on a different grade than the road.  Much of the old infrastructure was installed in the 1940s and had exceeded its useful life. Learn about the 2018 Old Woodward Reconstruction Project here.  

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The city completed the Maple Road Reconstruction Project in 2020. The project stretched from Chester to Woodward Ave., and included safety improvements to the Southfield Rd. and Maple Rd. intersection. Learn about the 2020 Maple Road Reconstruction Project here.

The South Old Woodward Reconstruction Phase 3 project will begin in 2022 between Brown and Landon. Similar to the award winning 2018 Old Woodward Reconstruction Project and 2020 Maple Road Reconstruction projects, this project will result in new underground infrastructure, new streetscape and much more. Design features will include:

  • Curb bumpouts at each intersection will improve crosswalks for pedestrians. Mid-block crosswalks, raised planter beds and landscape features will also be added.
  • Enhancements will include: exposed aggregate concrete, granite bench seating areas, new street lights, and cell phone charging stations. 
  • Improved on-street accessible parking spaces, each served with an individual sidewalk ramp to improve conditions for those needing accommodations. 
Similar to the messaging for the previous downtown infrastructure projects, residents and businesses are encouraged to sign up for the South Old Woodward Reconstruction Phase 3 Constant Contact group at bit.ly/bhamnews to receive updates throughout the project. Updates will also be posted on this webpage and on the City's social media platforms. Keep an eye on Engage Birmingham for public input opportunities pertaining to this project.

We recognize this work, while necessary, will be disruptive as it occurs. Incentives will be offered to mitigate this disruption. Keep an eye on this webpage for a fact sheet coming soon with information regarding the project area and timeline, key elements and improvements, the bypass routes and more. 

Project Updates
Keep an eye on this page for project updates coming soon! 

Project Renderings

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