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Unimproved Streets

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2023 Westwood Improvement
Cape Seal Program


2023 Westwood Road Improvement Project

     With the City Commission’s approval of the policy modifications related to initiation of
street improvement projects, the Engineering Department is planning to initiate design
of a street improvement project to be constructed in 2022 on the following unimproved

• Westwood Drive, Raynale St. to Oak St.
• Oak St., N. Glenhurst Dr. to western City Limits
• Raynale St., N. Glenhurst Dr. to western City Limits

This project will include replacement of undersized water mains, extension of storm
sewers previously constructed on Raynale and Oak to alleviate the risk of basement
flooding due to sewer backups in the immediate area and reduce storm water that
enters the combined sewer system, and repair/rehabilitation of the existing combined
sewers that will continue to provide sanitary service. The preliminary estimated cost for
this project is approximately $1,830,000, and is accounted for in the current budget
between the “unassigned unimproved street” project for FY21/22, and re-allocating the
Oak St. project that is currently planned for FY23/24. Some of the benefits for selecting
this project at this time include:

• Providing for continued extension of the storm sewers in this neighborhood as
described in the 2011 Backyard Sewer & Water Master Plan, and allowing for
further extension in FY23/24 on Westwood, N. Glenhurst, Lyonhurst and
Brookwood north of Raynale. Once this storm sewer extension is complete,
proposed modifications to the regulator on the Bloomfield Village Drain (Oakland
County Water Resources Commissioner) at Raynale can be considered that would
provide relief to the combined sewer system south of this area.

• Replacement of water mains will create an improved “loop” that help with
available fire flows on surrounding streets (a number of fire hydrants in this area
that may not be able to produce even 500 gpm under existing conditions).

• This first project will be a test of the newly modified policy allowing the City to
initiate a street improvement project, and then special assess the costs
associated with the street paving to the adjoining property owners in accordance
with the current policy. Success of this process will allow the City to better plan
future infrastructure improvements that continue to improve the quality of life of
its residents

2022/23 Cape Seal Project

In 2022, a cape-sealing program will also be put out for bids to address the most
severely deteriorated street surfaces, mostly in the southeast part of the City. Streets
selected for this treatment are based on recent pavement condition evaluation efforts
(PASER ratings)

Upcoming Cape Seal Areas