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File of Life

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unnamed (1)Medical emergencies can happen anytime, and the Birmingham Fire Department wants you to be prepared. The department is offering residents the File of Life: a single document containing critical information including medical history, emergency contacts and medications.

This resource allows first responders to immediately begin treatment, notify loved ones and pass vital data on to physicians at the emergency room. Birmingham first responders are trained to find this resource on the front of your refrigerator, giving paramedics more time to treat patients on arrival.

It is an absolute asset to emergency preparedness and peace of mind. Residents may pick up a File of Life in a clear envelope under a canopy in front of Fire Station 1 (Adams Station) or in the front lobby at Station 2. For residents who are elderly, quarantined or immunocompromised, please call (248) 530-1805 to request a File of Life.