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Master Plan & Guidelines

Updated: Sep 9, 2021
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In addition to planning and development ordinances found in the Birmingham City Code, there are several other master planning documents that assist the Planning Division in guiding and shaping the development of Birmingham. The following master plans are considered during any development review process: (NOTE: Some of these files are very large.)

Multi-Modal Transportation Plan

The City of Birmingham is in the process of developing a citywide multi-modal transportation plan. The plan will be used by the City to improve and expand opportunities for pedestrians, bicycles and transit users to respond to the growing demand for alternative forms of travel and to promote safe and comfortable transportation options. Find out more at https://greenwaycollab.com/projects/birmingham-multi-modal-transportation-plan/.

Download the plan here, in addition to the Network Map and Downtown Map.

Andres Duany’s Recommendations for the Future of Downtown Birmingham

Andres Duany of Duany Plater-Zyberk & Company recently visited Birmingham to review the development of Downtown Birmingham and the implementation of the Downtown Birmingham 2016 Plan. During his visit he assessed what has been accomplished and made recommendations for the future of Downtown Birmingham. At the completion of his visit, he made a presentation outlining his findings and recommendations. View his final presentation below:

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Birmingham Master Plans13 documents

  • Updated Eton Road Corridor Plan (2013)
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  • Activating Urban Space: A Strategy for Alleys & Passages (2012)
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  • Alleys & Passages Inventory (2012)
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  • Triangle District Urban Design Plan (2007)
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  • Wayfinding & Signage Design Program (2004)
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  • Downtown Birmingham 2016 Plan (1996)
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  • Urban Design Plan (1993)
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  • Birmingham Plan (1980)
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  • Birmingham Design Plan (1968)
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  • General Village Plan (1929)
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  • The Birmingham Plan 2040 (2023)
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  • Birmingham Wayfinding & Signage Master Plan (2023)
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