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Outdoor Cafes

Updated: Sep 9, 2021
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In December 2001, the City Commission adopted zoning ordinance amendments that affect the provisions for outdoor cafes. Now, outdoor cafes are a permitted use when accessory to a business serving food and drink, and are subject to site plan review only. All existing outdoor cafes, which were formerly permitted with a SLUP, may continue to operate without seeking a SLUP renewal, provided that each of those businesses comply with the regulations listed below. For initiating operations in 2002, an initial compliance form is required to be submitted and reviewed by the Community Development Department. All those outdoor cafes on public property are still required to have an annual license, and meet the conditions noted.
If your outdoor café does not meet any of the listed provisions, you must seek Planning Board site plan approval where necessary. All applications can be obtained from the Community Development Department.

Conditions for ALL outdoor cafes (see Planning Department for complete regulations):

  1. Refuse containers must be provided and serviced
  2. Outdoor café operations must end at the close of business, or by 10pm when adjacent to any Single-family or multiple family residential district
  3. All outdoor furniture must be primarily wood, metal or material of comparable quality
  4. Table umbrellas must be reviewed by the Planning Board.

Conditions for outdoor cafes on public property (see Planning Department for complete regulations):

  1. Comply with the above-listed requirements
  2. A license is required
  3. An unobstructed sidewalk width of 5 ft. must be maintained
  4. No permanent features are permitted to be installed/erected
  5. No alcoholic beverages permitted in the public right-of-way

Ordinance: Outdoor cafes permitted as an accessory use to a business serving food and drink, subject to certain conditions

For more information, please contact Nick Dupuis, Planning Director at 248.530.1850.