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Ad Hoc Environmental Sustainability Committee

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The function of the Ad Hoc Environmental Sustainability Committee (ESC) is to jumpstart sustainability planning in the City of Birmingham by helping to formulate the City’s goals and objectives as it relates to a sustainability and climate action plan. The work of the ESC will include a greenhouse gas emissions inventory to set a baseline and develop greenhouse gas emission reduction targets for 2030 and 2050, as well as to oversee the creation of a sustainability and climate action plan.

The ESC consists of nine regular members appointed by the City Commission. A majority of the members shall have a clearly demonstrated knowledge of environmental sustainability. When available, preferred qualifications/areas of professional expertise include: energy, equity, civil/construction engineering, water quality, environmental engineering/consulting/law, recycling and solid waste. Staff from the Manager’s Office, Department of Public Services, Engineering and Planning Departments will serve as ex-officio members of the committee.

Name Member Type Term Expiration
Harvey Bell Building/Construction 9/27/2024
Leah Blizinski Ex-officio Member 9/27/2024
Melissa Coatta Ex-officio Member 9/27/2024
Lois DeBacher Environmental Law/ Consulting 9/27/2024
Lara Edwards Water/Storm water 9/27/2024
Melissa Fairbairn Ex-officio Member 9/27/2024
Rachna Gulati Waste Management 9/27/2024
Debra Horner Water/Storm water 9/27/2024
Joseph Mercurio Energy/Electric Vehicles  9/27/2024
Jessica Newman Resident at Larger 9/27/2024
Danielle Todd Waste Management 9/27/2024
Daniella Torcolacci Sustainable Energy 9/27/2024
Scott Zielinski Ex-officio Member 9/27/2024
Josie Carroll Student Representative  02/12/2024
Will Clemans Student Representative  02/12/2024

06/17/24 Regular Meeting Agenda       Packet       Notices      
05/29/24 Regular Meeting Agenda       Packet      
04/29/24 Regular Meeting Agenda       Packet      
03/11/24 Regular Meeting Agenda      
01/29/24 Regular Meeting Agenda       Packet      

11/20/23 Regular Meeting Agenda       Packet       Minutes      
10/30/23 Special Meeting Agenda       Packet      
09/25/23 Regular Meeting Agenda       Packet      
08/27/23 Special Meeting Agenda      
08/21/23 Regular Meeting Agenda       Packet      
07/29/23 Special Meeting Agenda      
07/17/23 Meeting Cancelled Agenda      
06/12/23 Regular Meeting Agenda       Packet       Minutes      
05/15/23 Regular Meeting Agenda       Packet       Minutes