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Historic District Study Committee

Updated: Sep 9, 2021
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The goal of the Historic District Study Committee is to conduct historical research regarding the proposed designation of historic landmarks or districts in the City of Birmingham.  Meetings are held at the direction of the City Commission.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the Historic District Study Committee, please contact Planning Director, Nicholas Dupuis at (248)-530-1850, or by email at ndupuis@bhamgov.org.

Board Member   Term Expires
Paul Beshouri Regular Member 06/25/2022
Jake German Regular Member 06/25/2024
Jennifer Roush Regular Member 06/25/2022
Colleen McGough Regular Member 06/25/2024
Michael Xenos Regular Member 06/25/2023
Thomas Loafman Regular Member 06/25/2022
Joy Cantor Regular Member 06/25/2023

City boards and committees are now meeting in-person with a virtual option available to the public. Individuals who would like to attend meetings in person can access City Hall from the Martin Street entrance during normal business hours, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.  For meetings that occur after hours, visitors can access City Hall through the Police Department lobby entrance on Pierce Street. For the latest information regarding COVID-19 and mask requirements at city meetings, visit www.bhamgov.org/covid

Virtual Option for the Public

Members of the public who prefer to attend meetings virtually may continue to do so. Download Zoom instructions here.  Zoom information for each meeting can be found at the bottom of meeting agendas or by scrolling down to Meeting Notices for further information.

Watching City Meetings

The community may also watch many City meetings on the local cable access channel and by web streaming on the City's Vimeo channel.  

For meeting agendas and minutes prior to 2013, please contact the Community Development Department at 248.530.1850.

04/26/22 Regular Meeting Agenda      
02/10/22 Regular Meeting Agenda      
01/13/22 Regular Meeting Agenda      

07/22/21 Regular meeting Agenda      
06/07/21 Regular meeting Agenda       More...

03/30/20 Cancelled Agenda      
02/03/20 Regular meeting Agenda      

11/18/19 Regular meeting Agenda      
09/30/19 Regular meeting Agenda      
06/17/19 Regular meeting Agenda       Minutes      

10/04/18 Regular meeting Agenda      
07/26/18 Regular meeting Agenda       Minutes      

12/07/17 Regular meeting Agenda       Minutes      
11/16/17 Regular meeting Agenda       Minutes      
10/19/17 Regular meeting Agenda       Minutes      
08/24/17 Regular meeting Agenda       Minutes      
08/10/17 Regular meeting Agenda       Minutes      
03/28/17 Regular meeting Agenda       Minutes      
02/09/17 Regular meeting Minutes      
01/26/17 Regular meeting Agenda       Minutes      

05/05/16 Regular meeting Agenda       Minutes      

10/09/13 Regular meeting Minutes      
06/08/13 Regular meeting Minutes      
05/08/13 Regular meeting Minutes      
04/10/13 Regular meeting Minutes      
03/13/13 Regular meeting Minutes      
01/09/13 Regular meeting Minutes