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Previous Exhibits

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Our major exhibitions in the Allen House change annually, but for those who want to peruse past exhibits, this page is for you.  Want to know what's currently on exhibit at the Birmingham Museum?  Check it out; we change it every year!  

2021-22: 100 Years of the 19th Amendment 
Votes for women buttonPart of Suffrage Exhibit Watch a seven minute PowerPoint presentation to bring you up to speed on the history of the suffrage movement, "A World of Suffrage: Snapshots of the Struggle for the Women's Rights," created by the Birmingham Museum as part of its Beyond Suffrage: Empowering Birmingham's Women exhibit.  (Note: this is a 43 MB file-download the file and hit 'Slideshow' button at top to play a full screen version on your computer or device)  More...

2021's Free Summer Weekly Outdoor Exhibits
Our Summer Pop Up Exhibit Series Porch Pop Up Graphickept everyone safe and were fun, friendly, and totally free! From 1 to 4 PM each Friday, the museum featured a different aspect of a monthly theme that included stories and objects that could be seen (and often touched) by visitors of all ages.  We showcased twenty-one different topics in five categories (The Museum's Historic Landscape; Birmingham's Black History; Eating Outdoors; The Power of Water; and Our Schools) and hung out on the front porch of the Allen House visiting with people who just stopped by to see what we had going, and to ask a question or two. (Oh, and we were dog friendly, too!) Missed it? Read more about 2021's pop up exhibits.

2019 Exhibition: Birmingham, Before and After
Birmingham, Before and After placed familiar sites and people in context and in history,
Black and white photograph of a department store
including an immersive Jacobson's store exhibit,  a display of  families who made a difference in Birmingham, and  a special exhibit designed by Tyler Firestone, a Seaholm High graduating senior who used museum archives to answer his question about why Birmingham developed the way it has.  Before and After featured people as well as places. Read more about Birmingham, Before and After here. 

2018 Birmingham Bicentennial Exhibition 
Photograph of a man standing next to a small single engine airplane.The People of Birmingham: Celebrating 200 Years of Stories, an award-winning first ever crowd-sourced exhibit, displayed stories and photos contributed by the community in an 'of the people, by the people' spirit.  Approximately 100 exhibit panels were displayed sharing what contributors thought was an inspriring story of lesser as well as well known people of Birmingham. The museum added the contributed stories and photos to its archives. The Birmingham Museum received an award in 2018 from the Michigan Museums Association for excellence in community engagement with its crowd sourced exhibit, The People of Birmingham: Celebrating 200 Years of Stories. This amazing experiment that brought out the best in Birmingham--past and present. Learn more about this year-long bi-centennial celebration. 

2016-17 Exhibition
Victor Pytko, Image Maker: The Art of Science and LightVictor Pytko; Birmingham artist (or "image maker" as he likes to be known ) Victor Pytko has been creating multimedia works in and around Birmingham for many years, and is former board member of the Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center and former art instructor there.  Our 2017 exhibit featured his highly varied, multi-media work with a twist--it also included objects from our collection to help explain how he uses the science of light in his pieces.  Read more about this exhibition, Victor Pytko's work and his connection to Birmingham, and how science and light figured into his pieces we featured on display.

2015 Exhibition
Woodward with cars and tracks early twentieth centuryHistory's Highway:  The Story of Woodward Avenue was a year-long exhibition that explored how this iconic highway has shaped Birmingham,  from the prehistoric past to the present and near future.  Artifacts and maps covering 10,000 years of history told the story of this amazing land route that made Birmingham and Oakland County what they are today, and will lead us into tomorrow.  The research for this exhibit led to the 2018 publication of The Saginaw Trail: From Native American Path to Woodward Avenue by Museum Director Leslie Pielack. Learn more about this exhibit and Woodward Avenue's history here.

2014 Exhibition
Cover of Creem Magazine with Keith Richards on itSounds of Birmingham: A Community of Music featured displays on the history of music in Birmingham - who people listened to, how they listened to it and how they took part in it. One of the highlights was an exhibit on CREEM, the famous rock 'n' roll magazine published  in Birmingham in the 1970s.  Learn more about this great exhibit.  This display resulted in a great deal of attention for the museum and we are proud to announce that long time CREEM Art Director, Charlie Auringer, donated his private collection of CREEM archives and memorabilia to our museum. We will be working to put that content online in the future, but please be patient, and check back often for more information, or feel free to call the museum with any questions you may have about our new Charlie Auringer CREEM Collection. Find out more about our CREEM Archives.