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Museum Grounds Use-Rules and Application

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Birmingham Historical Park
The four-acre site of the Birmingham Museum is one of the most historically and topographically
complex in the city. The flower gardens at the Allen house, the steeply sloping lawn, the spring-fed pond and pool, and the woodlands that lead down to the adjacent Rouge River corridor make it a haven for wildlife. It is also unique in the city in that it has historic landscape structures that date to the 19th and the 20th centuries that require protection and preservation. In addition, the entire site and the two buildings (the Allen House and the Hunter House) are part of the city’s Mill Pond Historic District.

Guidelines have been developed to allow group use within the limits of preserving and protecting the landscape’s natural and historic resources. They are designed to manage the use of the landscape responsibly while permitting public enjoyment. Not every use is compatible with this primary objective. The City of Birmingham and/or its designee reserves the right to deny any permit applicant if it deems an activity is not in keeping with this goal.

We want you to enjoy our site, and with the guidelines in place we can all work together to also preserve the site for generations to come. Check out the .pdf of the guidelines and application for more information. If you have questions or want to discuss a potential special group activity on the museum grounds, please contact Museum Director Leslie Pielack at 248-530-1682.