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Plans and Policies

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Check Out Our Plans for The Birmingham Museum
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Planning is crucial for making things happen and strengthening our museum, and is the result of the efforts of many individuals within and outside the museum. The documents that result are our "GoTo" resource to keep us on the right track and available for public review. 

  • Updated 2021-2024 Strategic Plan--identifies goals and related activities to help the museum achieve its operational and professional objectives   
  • Hunter House Interpretive Plan--clarifies the importance of the house to our local history and the way it can be used to tell Birmingham's story over the last two hundred years 
  • Museum Site Interpretive Plan--identifies the themes and approaches to interpreting the historic resources of the site, including the Allen House and grounds, the archives and collection, and how the interpretive plan integrates with the Strategic Plan and related plans.
  • Landscape Master Plan--provides guidance for planning for our four-acre site, including preserving its historic and natural features and enhancing public access 
  • Birmingham Museum Collections Policy--details policy and procedures pertaining to the museum's archives and objects collections