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How to Support

Updated: Jun 28, 2023
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Support comes in many forms; if you would like to express yours more actively, consider the following:

Direct Online Donations to Your Favorite Projects and Programs at the Birmingham Museum
The museum develops projects and programs of special interest to the community, including preservation and restoration projects and special exhibits, such as Birmingham's Black history. Now you can contribute through touchless online donations through the city's secure online payment forms. Several options are available and are described below, or call the museum at 248-530-1682 for more information.

Wooded riverbank.Make a Virtual Donation to  Restore the Museum's Historic Landscape--The grounds at the Birmingham Museum were once graced by beautiful elm trees, and the pleasant views of the pond and Rouge River were unimpeded by invasive plants. Funds are being raised to help return the landscape to its historic character through a landscape master plan project.  You can contribute to three special project components;  1) historic trees, 2) a community heritage perennial garden, and 3) a children's garden area.  You can now make a donation directly for the project you specifically want to support. To find out more, follow this link to our specialized project donation form at  https://bhamgov.wufoo.com/forms/zw2oa9v05w8vrb/. Thank you!

Other Ways to Support the Museum 
Max Kaskela & Jacob High School Service Work Students, 10-29-2008 Parade PhotoVolunteer--There are two ways to volunteer to help the museum; 1) as part of the museum staff, or 2) with the Friends of the Birmingham Museum whose various activities also support the museum. At the museum, volunteers assist in maintaining and operating the Birmingham Museum as an educational institution and cultural resource. Interested volunteers complete an application and meet with staff to determine the best fit between volunteer interests and museum needs.   Download a Birmingham Museum Volunteer Form

Creem ItemsKids with dogArtifact Donations--
The Birmingham Museum looks forward to offers of artifacts that are related to Birmingham's history--family photos, letters, and personal items are wonderful for our collection. If it has a story, we want to know! Send us a snapshot or email us at museum@bhamgov.org if you have something you'd like to donate. Or give us a call at 248.530.1928. 

Charitable Donation Options 

Both the Friends of the Birmingham Museum and Community Foundation of Southeast Michigan are charitable organizations and offer ways for you to make tax deductibel contributions that benefit the museum. Both organizations will acknowledge your gift in writing, or you can remain anonymous. See more about the Friends of the Birmingham Museum and how you can support the museum by becoming a member. or helping with projects, such as Greenwood Cemetery Tours or other events.
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The Friends of the Birmingham Museum (a.,k.a. the Birmingham Historical Society) is a Michigan 501c3 non-profit organization (Tax ID:  38-611127). Anyone wishing to contribute to the Friends' Annual Fund, which provides operational support for the museum, can do so by sending a check made out to:
          Friends of the Birmingham  Museum 
           556 W. Maple Road
           Birmingham, MI 48009

Birmingham Museum LogoThe Birmingham Museum Endowment was formed by hardworking volunteers and with a generous donation from the Seligman foundation. The modest endowment helps offset operating costs. Contributions help build the endowment to ensure the museum has resources into the future. Contributions can be made to the Birmingham Museum's Endowment Fund, managed by the Community Foundation of SE Michigan, at any time. Proceeds are distributed to the City of Birmingham to help with the museum's operational budget. A contribution should be made by check (please note on the check that it is for the Birmingham Museum (formerly Birmingham Historical Museum Endowment Fund):
          The Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan
           333 West Fort Street, Suite 2010
           Detroit, MI 48226-3134
Special Project Donations 
Our special projects are a way for you to connect with something meaningful to you, while helping all of us gain a better appreciation of Birmingham's heritage.

Program and Exhibit Support:  If you appreciate our informative and enjoyable videos and filmed lecture series, this may be the ideal way for you to contribute to our ongoing virtual content and exhibits. Let us know what you like and what you want to see more of! You can do so at https://bhamgov.wufoo.com/forms/w1t0dzvk1dz3xoz/