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Volunteer Opportunities

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Donate Your Time and Talent at the Museum!
The museum has numerous opportunities for those who would like to help out by volunteering their time and talents.  Our volunteer program has positions with regular schedules as well as occasional needs, such as for special events.  If you like genealogy or history, would enjoy working with collections items and historic objects, or have an interest in helping others learn about cultural history, you should check us out.

Woman showing an object to visitors.    A volunteer.    Volunteers outside in garden.

Two volunteers taking an object out of a box.  A volunteer in costume at the cemetery.  A volunteer wearing a paper hat.

Volunteers are important to us, and help us achieve our goals and make a difference in our community! Some of the special roles for volunteers  involve helping with 1) Admissions Desk & Visitor Services; 2) Collections Care;  3) Research;  4) Special Events and Tours, and 5) Gardens/landscape.  Volunteers play an important role in public access as well as fund raising, and help us connect to our community.  For more information,  fill out our volunteer form and return it to us, or contact the museum at 248-530-1928, Tuesday-Friday 10:00 to 4:00 p.m.