Birmingham has always recognized the value of communicating openly and often with its residents, and our neighbors have told us that frequent communication is important to them. As technology improves our ability to connect directly with our neighborhoods, we are working on ways to enhance communication with you. We are currently engaged in an effort to gather email addresses from residents and businesses across the City so that we can reach you directly with information important to all of us and targeted to your neighborhood.

Signing up for this service means we will provide you with quick information “hits” on what’s happening in our town, advance notice on issues that affect you and your neighbors and clear, coherent information in emergencies. Neighbors can have confidence in the accuracy of the information. Our ability to target messages to individual areas in the City means you’ll be directly informed on issues that impact you.

This system will not supplant the subject-specific email groups that many of you use. It will provide on-going information that keeps you up-to-date on our Birmingham community.