The retirement board was created under chapter XIX of the city charter.  The board is vested with the power to administer, manage, and properly operate the retirement system, and to make effective the provisions of this chapter. 

The board shall consist of seven (7) voting trustees as follows:

a)       The mayor.
b)      A city commissioner to be selected by the city commission and to serve at the pleasure of the city commission.
c)       The city manager.
d)      A citizen, who is an elector of the city, and who is not eligible to participate in the retirement system as a member or retired member, to be appointed by the mayor by and with the consent of the city commission.
e)      A police member to be elected by the police members.
f)        A fire member to be elected by the fire members.
g)       A general member to be elected by the general members.

In addition, there shall be one (1) nonvoting ex officio retired member/beneficiary member to be elected by the retired members and beneficiaries currently receiving benefits from the system. 

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