The Greenwood Cemetery Advisory Board shall consist of seven members who shall serve without compensation. Members must be chosen from among the citizens of Birmingham and, insofar as possible, represent diverse interests, such as persons with family members interred in Greenwood Cemetery; owners of burial sites within Greenwood Cemetery intending to be interred in Greenwood Cemetery; persons familiar with and interested in the history of Birmingham; persons with familiarity and experience in landscape architecture, horticulture, law or cemetery or funeral professionals. The City Manager or his/her designee shall serve as ex official, non-voting members of the Board.

 In general, it shall be the duty of the Greenwood Cemetery Advisory Board to provide recommendations to the City Commission on:

  1. Modifications. As to modifications of the rules and regulations governing Greenwood Cemetery.
  2. Capital Improvements. As to what capital improvements should be made to the cemetery.
    Future Demands. As to how to respond to future demands for cemetery services.
  3. Day to Day Administration. The day to day administration of the cemetery shall be under the direction and control of the City, through the City Manager or his/her designee.
  4. Reports. The Greenwood Cemetery Advisory Board shall make and submit to the City Commission an annual report of the general activities, operation, and condition of the Greenwood Cemetery for the preceding 12 months. The Greenwood Cemetery Advisory Board shall, from time to time, as occasion requires, either in the annual report, or at any time deemed necessary by the Greenwood Cemetery Advisory Board, advise the City Commission in writing on all matters necessary and proper for and pertaining to the proper operation of Greenwood Cemetery and any of its activities or properties.
Board Member                     Term Expires
Linda Buchanan  Chair 07/06/2022
Joseph Vercellone   07/06/2023
Pam Deweese   07/06/2023
Linda Peterson  Vice Chair 07/06/2024
Laura Schreiner   07/06/2024
George Stern   07/06/2024
Margaret Suter   07/06/2022

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