The Birmingham Shopping District Board oversees the expenditure of funds for the principal shopping district programs.

BSD Mission Statement
We strive to provide leadership in marketing, advertising and promotion of the Birmingham Shopping District.

We actively work to promote a district that is exciting, clean, safe and pedestrian-friendly and ensure that the district continues to serve as a center for business, service, social and community activities.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the Birmingham Shopping District Board, please contact Sean Kammer, BSD Executive Director, at 248.530.1200. You can also find additional information at the Birmingham Shopping District website

Board Member   Term Expires
Richard Astrein Operator/Owner 11/16/2021
Zachary Kay Operator 11/16/2023
Jessica Lundberg Operator/Owner 11/16/2022
Sarvy Lipari District Resident 11/16/2024
Geoffrey Hockman Operator/Owner 11/16/2022
Amy Pohlod Operator/Owner 11/16/2022
Steven Quintal Lg. Property Owner 11/16/2023
William Roberts Operator/Owner 11/16/2021
Michael McKenzie Resident 11/16/2023
Sam Surnow Operator/Owner 11/16/2023
Samy Eid Operator/Owner 11/16/2021
Tom Markus City Manager N/A
Douglas Fehan Director Emeritus N/A

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