Hardship Appeals
Please note: the Hardship Application for MCL 211.7u Poverty Exemption and the City Hardship Application must be completed. 

  • Established by State of Michigan law.
  • Guidelines are set annually by the State Tax Commission, based upon the Federal Poverty Income Standards.
  • Property must be a principal residence.
  • Income, assets, and financial contributions from other sources are all considered by the Board of Review in making a determination.
  • Full or partial exemptions may be granted by the Board of Review in March, July, and December.
  • Contact the Treasurer's Office at 248-530-1833 for additional information or to file a Hardship Appeal. 
Federal Poverty Guidelines Used in the Determination of Poverty Exemptions
MCL 211.7u, which deals with poverty exemptions, was significantly altered by PA 390 of 1994 and was further amended by PA 620 of 2002. These changes were explained to assessors in STC Bulletin No. 5 of 1995 and page 3 of STC Bulletin No. 1 of 2003.
One of the provisions of PA 620 of 2002 is that local governing bodies are required to set income levels for their poverty exemption guidelines and that those income levels SHALL NOT BE SET LOWER by a city or township than the federal poverty guidelines updated annually by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.