The primary goal of the Treasurer's Office is to provide for the billing receipts, custody and investment of city funds promptly and courteously through sound and prudent policies that comply with all local, state and federal requirements.

The City Treasurer's Office bills and collects:

  • real and personal property taxes
  • water and sewer bills
  • special assessments
  • parking tickets
  • weed cutting and snow removal invoices
  • fees for other miscellaneous services provided by the city

The Treasurer is designated as investment officer of the city and is responsible for the investment decisions and activities.

The City Treasurer is also responsible for the administration of the employee's retirement system, serves as the secretary/treasurer to the employee's Retirement Board and as a member of the Retirement Board's Investment Committee. The Treasurer is a voting member of the Retiree Health Care Fund Investment Committee and serves as it's secretary/treasurer.