The City of Birmingham provides water & sewer service for properties located in the city. Bills are mailed out quarterly, and are due 30 days after billing. If bills are not paid by the due date, a penalty of 1% per month will be added. Failure to receive a bill does not excuse late payment charges.

Water & sewer bills are a lien against the property immediately upon either the distribution of water or the provision of sewage system service to the premises or property supplied.

Water & sewer bills may be paid in person, by mail, or via online payment.

For more details on understanding your water bill, go to: 2020-21 Water & Sewer FAQ and Rates.

Moving from a property in Birmingham
Please contact Water Billing at 248.530.1830 to schedule your final bill.  We are able to email, fax or mail your final bill.  The City of Birmingham requires an inside read for all final bills.  Most of the properties in Birmingham have a meter that we are able to get read from electronically.  However, if we are not able to get an electronic read, we will need to schedule an appointment with you to read the inside meter.

We require a 24 hour notice on all final bills.  The fee for same day billing is $150.00.

Moving into a property in Birmingham
Please call 248.530.1830 to make sure a final reading has been done by the previous owner/tenant.

Meter charges for most residences are based on the size of the meter in the home; $5.00 for a 5/8 inch meter and $8.00 for a 1 inch meter. Additional information is available for the new 2020-2021 rates effective July 1, 2020.

Service Fees
To have a service technician come to your home to turn service on or off, remove a meter, reset a meter, or for any emergency services, there is a fee of $80 per visit .  For any service after 3:15 PM there are additional fees.  For more information on the fees please contact 248.530.1830.


After Hours Emergency Service


Meter Shop


Streets-Sewer & Water Service


Water & Sewer Billing


Water & Sewer Billing e-mail address


The Cost of a Leak
It concerns us in the Water Department, that very few people seem to realize that faulty plumbing can be so expensive. It is our hope that this communication will lead to a better understanding and possibly save you needless expense.

Should you discover a leak in your water system, turn the job over to the family “Handy Man” or call a plumber – but whatever you do, see that it is fixed. The City’s Department of Public Services has prepared a self-diagnostic guide to help homeowners determine whether they have a leak. 

Some leaks can be seen (Leaky Faucets, etc.). Frequently costly leaks cannot be seen or heard. (Toilet flush tanks, water-cooled air conditioners, etc.)

For example: A continuous leak caused by water leaking through the flush tank overflow may waste as much as 146,000 gallons during a 3 month period and would add $1,616.22 extra to your water and sewage bill.

Check flush tank of toilet by placing laundry blueing in tank and watching bowl to see if it leaks through.

Use your water meter to check for possible invisible leaks. Turn off all water taps inside and outside of the house and watch the ten gallon indicator to see if it moves. By timing the movement you can determine how many gallons are being wasted per minute/per hour - 1 gallon in 10 minutes equals 13,000 gallons in 3 months. (1 unit = 1000 gallons)

*Based on July 2010 City of Birmingham combined rate for water and sewage

High Water Bill?
If your water bill is higher than your usual bill for this time of year, please contact us at 248.530.1830 - We will contact the meter superintendent with your address, phone number, and a history of your account. The meter superintendent will review the information and will contact you. If necessary, he will set up an appointment to meet you at your home.

Payment Information
The City of Birmingham Treasurer's Office offers several options to pay your water bill.

  • Mail - A return envelope is enclosed with your bill.
  • In person - At the Treasurer's Office at 151 Martin using cash, check or a money order.
  • Direct Payment - Have your water bill payment automatically deducted from your checking account. If you would like to sign up for this Direct Payment, please print out, complete and return the Direct Payment Form with a voided check to City of Birmingham, P.O. Box 3001, Birmingham, MI, 48012-3001 .
  • Online or by phone.

Water Residential Assistance Program (WRAP)
The City of Birmingham participates in the WRAP program, which was set up by the Great Lakes Water Authority to help eligible, low-income customers to pay their water and sewer bills. Learn more by downloading two WRAP brochures - $300 Assistance Brochure and $1,000 Assistance Brochure.

Delinquent Water & Sewer Bills
Water & Sewer bills that are not paid by the due date will receive a 1% per month penalty. All bills that remain unpaid for a period of six months as of May 1 shall be added to the next City Tax Roll, with an additional 15% added.