When you pay your tax bill to the City of Birmingham, do you know where your payment goes? Did you know the City keeps about 1/3rd of what you pay in taxes in order to pay for city operations? Where does the remaining 2/3rds go?   Tax Dollar Breakdown for website (Draft)cropped copy

As the bar chart illustrates, 34 cents of your typical tax dollar provides for an array of essential city services including: police and fire protection, funding for the Baldwin Public Library, snow and leaf removal, improvements to roads, sewers, water mains, parking structures as well as family centered events such as the Celebrate Birmingham Hometown Parade and the In the Park Summer Concert series during the summer. 28 cents of your typical tax dollar fund the operations and debt of the renowned Birmingham Public Schools District.

24 cents goes to Oakland County programs such as:

Det Zoo  

Oakland Schools

OC Community College  

OC Parks


The Detroit Institute of Arts

The remaining 14 cents of your typical tax dollar goes to the State of Michigan Education Tax.

As the economy in Southeast Michigan has improved and grown since the 2007-2009 recession, the City has gradually reduced its tax obligation upon taxpayers while continuing to strive for the exemplary service Birmingham residents and merchants expect and need.