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Public Notices

Updated: Oct 20, 2022
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Understanding Public Notices
Have you seen a public notice sign around town? Have you heard about a development or a project happening in the City? Received a postcard in the mail?

The City of Birmingham distributes public notices to make you aware of important information and/or changes within your community. Public notices inform you about government actions and will alert you when the interests of your family, your neighborhood, or your business are affected by an upcoming project. Select from the notice categories below to learn what's happening around your home or business.

Birmingham's QR Code System
The City of Birmingham utilizes QR codes as an easy way to connect interested persons to a specific webpage. Every public notice also contains a phone number to call if you need help.

Forest Townhouses

Committee Public Notices Date
Planning Board Public Notice 08/24/2022
Proposed new development of 6 single-family, 3-story residential townhouses.


Committee Public Notices Date
City Commission Public Notice 02/13/2023