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Public Art

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The City of Birmingham invites you to enjoy the art we have on display and engage a friend, neighbor, or stranger on which piece is their favorite. The Birmingham Public Arts Board is responsible for assisting in the review and placement of public art installations throughout Birmingham.

Art in Public Spaces

The objective of Art in Public Spaces is to educate the community on the value of public art and enhance the visual character of the community. Learn more about the City's sculpture program as well as its artists in the City's Art in Public Spaces Pamphlet. 

Public Art Loans and Donations

The City of Birmingham has a  number of sculptures located in public spaces throughout town. If you wish to display art on public property, please download the application.

Terminating Vistas in Downtown Birmingham

City staff has coordinated with the Public Arts Board to create a report recommending ways in which public art may enhance designated terminating vistas throughout downtown Birmingham. Terminating Vistas are considered areas where a building or structure terminates a view, and is by ordinance required to have distinct and prominent architectural features of enhances character and visibility. Lean more about the public art recommendations for terminating vistas in the full report.

Downtown Sculpture Tour & Brochure

Did you know that downtown Birmingham and its nearby parks are home to 15 art sculptures? Download a Downtown Sculpture Tour & Brochure Map and discover them today. Make a list of your favorite sculptures and compare lists with friends and family.

City Sculpture Coloring Pages

The City of Birmingham encourages those of all ages to color city sculptures using coloring pages provided by the Public Arts Board.
Download the coloring pages here and enjoy! 

Snap a picture of your completed page and send it to socialmedia@bhamgov.org with the artist’s name and age (and any other artist information you’d like posted). Submissions may be featured on the City’s social media accounts. 

You can find sculpture photos for drawing inspiration on the City's Art in Public Spaces Pinterest Page.

Sculpture Locations

Scrolling through the map below will include sculpture locations throughout Birmingham, Michigan. Clicking on each location will bring up a photo of each sculpture along with the title and artist name.