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Parking Information

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User-Friendly Parking Structure Equipment Coming Soon
Following a thorough review of the city’s parking structures, we are pleased to announce new equipment will soon be installed to create an easy-in, easy-out experience for all parkers. New equipment and software by TIBA Solutions provides cloud-based kiosks with user-friendly, contactless entry and convenient payment options.

Entry/Exit Options
- Transient Parker (Non-Monthly Pass Holders)
Pull ticket at entry, scan ticket at exit
Debit/Credit Card – insert or tap to pay (no cash)
  ENTRY Transient Parker (Non-Monthly Pass Holders) Instructions (1)    EXIT Transient Parker (Non-Monthly Pass Holders) Instructions

- Monthly Parking Pass Holders
Scan your parking pass, or use the TIBA Mobile Access App
Instructions for Parking Pass Holders 121622

Payment Options
Enjoy convenient payment options such as:
- Debit/Credit Card – insert or tap to pay (no cash)
- Apple Pay
- Google Pay

The following is an estimated timeline for parking equipment upgrades:
Chester Street Garage: January 2023
N. Old Woodward Garage: January-February 2023
Park Street Garage: January-February 2023
Pierce Street Garage: February-March 2023
Peabody Street Garage: February-March 2023

More Information
Learn more with our frequently asked questions and answers below, or contact Parking Manager Aaron Ford at aford@bhamgov.org or 248-530-1257.

Transient Parker (Non-Monthly Pass Holders) Q&A
- Am I still required to insert my credit card to enter and exit the structures?
There are now two options for entering and exiting the parking structures: 1) Insert or tap a debit/credit card, or 2) pull a ticket upon entry and scan the ticket upon exit.
- I understand that parking in all city structures is free for the first two hours. If I stay longer than two hours, what are my payment options?
You may pay via debit/credit card (insert or tap), Apple Pay or Google Pay. In the near future, the equipment will also integrate with the ParkMobile app.

Monthly Parking Pass Holder Q&A
- Will I use the same parking pass to enter and exit the structure?
No. You will receive a new parking pass. Stay tuned for information coming soon regarding your new pass.
- Is scanning my new parking pass the only way to enter and exit the structure?
No. Parking pass holders may use the TIBA Mobile Access App which enables the use of Bluetooth to enter/exit the structure without even rolling down your window. A barcode in the app can also be scanned and there is an  option to enter your cell phone number for access. 


  • Enhanced user experience
    • High-speed ticket issuance for fast vehicle entry
    • TIBA Mobile Access App (enter with Bluetooth or cell number) for parking pass holders
    • High resolution 10” color touch screen
    • User-friendly, voice activated interface
    • Barcoded tickets – quickly scan tickets on exit. No inserting tickets.
    • Integrates with ParkMobile (coming soon)
  • Enhanced backend management
    • TIBA’s software is robust, offering a variety of reports and a cloud-based system.
    • With no onsite servers, their software allows for remote updates with no downtime.
    • TIBA is mobile friendly, allowing operators to see equipment health, gate arms and manage operations remotely.

City of Birmingham Parking Information

Parking Study & Master Plan
The City of Birmingham recently worked to evaluate parking operations, strategies and practices in the City’s Central Business District with a goal of ensuring the parking system is being operated, managed and developed as efficiently and effectively as possible. The City hired the consulting firm of Nelson/Nygaard to study the parking system and to provide new recommendations on operations and facilities that would help the system better handle its mission, as well as prepare for the future. Download their Preliminary Parking Report here, and the final Parking Master Plan here.
Smart Meters in Birmingham
All parking meters located in the City of Birmingham offer payment by credit card as an option. Learn more at www.bhamgov.org/smartmeters.
Parking meter
Enhanced Traffic Control Equipment
The City offers enhanced traffic control equipment at the City's parking structures. The system requires drivers to use a credit/debit card or IN Card (a card that can be loaded with various amounts) to pay for parking. IN Cards are available at the SP+ Parking Office at the Chester Street Parking Structure, and are available at the Treasurer's Office in City Hall. The IN CARD can be purchased for $10.00, and then loaded with amounts of $25, $50, $100, or $200. The IN CARD can also be purchased with a zero-dollar balance for the in and out parker typically under 2 hours. Once the balance is running low on the card, visit the parking office at 180 Chester to have it reloaded.

IN CardThe system does not accept cash and it does not require the use of a ticket, which prevents backups from occurring when a driver is stopped at the exit and unable to locate their ticket. Monthly permit holders simply hold up their access cards to a scanner at the entrance and exit. Previous access cards will be disabled.

In addition, each structure has signs that display the number of spots available at the structure. Those driving by the structure will easily see how many spaces are open. For more information, contact spplusbirmingham@spplus.com or call 248-540-9690.
Looking for Parking?
Park in one of the five City-owned parking decks for an easy, convenient and less expensive parking option than metered street parking, and there are no time limits. The first 2 hours are free in all five of the City-owned parking decks, and parking is always free on Sundays and designated holidays (see list below). Throughout the Old Woodward Reconstruction Project the parking decks are free on Saturdays as well. All the City parking decks are well lit and have public telephones. The parking decks are handicap accessible with elevators. Take advantage of one of Birmingham’s 1,200 parking meters for quick visits or one-stop shopping, or check out some valet options. If you plan on staying in town for any length of time, a parking deck is always a better choice.
Check map for color-coded parking spaces to view time limits and cost
Parking in any city structure marked "P" is free for the first 2 hours. Click on the "P" and get the garage address (for your GPS), total parking spaces, and additional rate information.
Parking Meter Rates
PARKING METER RATES: The City of Birmingham has two different rate structures for on street parking at meters: $1.00/hr. and $1.50/hr., based on the location. Meters have 2-hr. limits, 4-hr. limits, and 12-hour limits.

Parking Meter Rates2 copy
Parking Structure Rates
The City of Birmingham owns and operates five parking structures providing over 3,500 parking spaces for public use in the Central Business District.  The following rates apply at all five locations:

parking greenLess than 2 hours              Free
Less than 3 hours              $2
Less than 4 hours              $4
Less than 5 hours              $6
Less than 6 hours              $8
More than 6 hours           $10

The City of Birmingham offers Evening Only Monthly Permits at all five parking structures, allowing unlimited monthly parking to those who enter after 4 p.m. only, and leave prior to the next regular business day.  The Evening Only Permit is sold at a discounted rate of $20 Off the usual monthly permit rate.  For example, if you would like to park at the Pierce St. Structure, which has a monthly rate of $70 per month, the Evening Only Parking Permit will be available for just $50 per month.  As you may know, regular monthly permits are now sold out at all five structures due to high demand.  However, if you know that you could benefit from the Evening Only Permit, we encourage you to  call 248-540-9690 or e-mail SP+, the City's Parking Operator, at: spplusbirmingham@spplus.com

Monthly Parking Permits - There is currently more demand for permits than there is space available, therefore, if you are interested in purchasing one, you will have to be placed on a waiting list.  Applications for a permit can be obtained by going to the SP+ website at: http:/www.tinyurl.com/BirminghamParking.

Monthly rates are as follows:

Pierce St. Parking Structure - $70
Park St. Parking Structure - $70
Peabody St. Parking Structure - $70
N. Old Woodward Ave. Parking Structure - $70
Chester St. Parking Structure - $50
Parking Lot #6 Regular - $70
Parking Lot #6 Economy - $50
Ann St. - $40
S. Old Woodward Ave. - $35
Parkmobile - Pay with Free App
Did you know Parkmobile is available at all Birmingham parking meters? Motorists can pay for parking with cell phones using Parkmobile’s native mobile applications for the iPhone, Android, Windows 7, and Blackberry smartphones. To use the Parkmobile system, register for free at www.parkmobile.com. Once registered, motorists can use a mobile app, the internet, QR code, or call toll free at 800-280-4146 to pay for parking. Users will select the zone and parking space numbers printed on the Parkmobile stickers on each meter. Customers can add more time to a meter from their phones, as long as the posted time limit is not exceeded.
Residential Parking Permit Requests
Parking permits are available Monday - Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. in the police department clerical area. There is an $8.00 charge per household. Permits expire every two years and are available only for residents living on streets designated for residential permit parking. Follow this link to learn about guidelines for Residential Parking Permit Requests.
Defective Meters
To report a defective parking meter, please contact 248.530.1873. All defective parking meters must be reported immediately.
Legal Holidays - Free Parking at Meters
Legal Holidays-Free Parking at Meters (No need to insert money or slide your credit card - park and enjoy!)

The following are designated as legal holidays. Parking at meters spaces on these dates will be free.

  • New Year’s Day
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
  • President’s Day
  • Good Friday
  • Memorial Day
  • Juneteenth Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Indigenous Peoples' Day
  • Veteran’s Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Day after Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Eve
  • Christmas Day
  • New Year’s Eve
Accessible Parking and Meter Information
handicap symbol - Copy (2)The City of Birmingham offers 70 designated accessible parking spaces throughout the Central Business District. The spaces are the result of the City’s 2017 accessible parking policy, adopted to comply with state and federal laws as well as being more consistent with neighboring communities. The spaces provide more reserved, designated handicap accessible parking than ever before offered in Birmingham.

The City’s parking policy applies to any public street that has individually marked parking spaces and all municipal lots. The City provides reserved, marked accessible spaces at the ratio of at least one parking space per 25 that exist on any city block. The spaces are metered and subject to time limitations and fees. Consistent with neighboring communities, parking for free at any meter or at yellow curbed zones is not permitted.
Paying Your Parking Ticket
Visit www.bhamgov.org/paymybill for information about paying your parking ticket online, in person or by mail.