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Demolition Requirements

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Demolition Requirements
Demolition permits are required for the complete or partial demolition of any commercial or residential building or structure.

The owner or the owner’s agent must provide the following items at the time of submittal for application for demolition along
with all applicable fees.  Applications for demolition, submittal documents and forms, and the City's construction site requirements can be accessed using the link below.
Building Department Applications & Forms

   I.     Approved disconnect notices from the following utilities:
  • Disconnect notice from DTE for electrical service
  • Disconnect notice from Consumers Energy for gas service
  • Written verification indicating that telephone and cable lines will be disconnected at the 
  • time of demolition
  • Water disconnect and meter removal - Submit an Water Sewer permit application and Water Fee Verification Form  
   II.     Construction documents:
  • A survey of the property showing the proposed structure(s) to be demolished
  • Verification of written notice to adjoining property owners notifying them of your intent to demolish the structure(s) at this property.  Please provide our department with the addresses which have been notified.
  • A 4” X 6” color photograph of the front, back, and both sides of the house you propose to demolish is required
  • A letter of intent discussing the following requirements explaining how they will be completed and maintained
  • Rigid fencing will be installed around the entire lot; the front fencing will be back a minimum of 1 foot from the sidewalk.  Silt fencing will be buried 6 inches around the perimeter of the property inside the rigid fencing
  • The property address will be posted on the construction fencing
  • Sidewalks must be kept clear for passage at all times during demolition or a Sidewalk 
   III.     Obstruction permit obtained from the City Engineering Division
  • Sidewalks, streets and parkways will be maintained free of dirt and debris
  • City trees in the right of way will be protected from any damage during construction
  • The approximate date(s) the demolition will be completed
  • Contractor contact information including a phone number and email
A demolition permit application will not be accepted unless all items above are with all applicable fees.