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Upcoming Elections:

Michigan Presidential Primary Election:  February 27, 2024

Early Voting
Birmingham is working with the Oakland County Elections Division, Bloomfield Township and Southfield Township to offer early in-person voting for the February 27 presidential primary from February 17 through February 25, 2024, at two locations. Learn more at www.bhamgov.org/earlyvoting.

Drive-up Ballot Drop Box
City Hall offers a drive-up absentee ballot drop box, located near the driveway entrance off of Henrietta. Registered voters may simply pull up, deposit an absentee ballot or absent voter ballot application and be on their way. Don’t forget to sign and seal the ballot envelope.

Options for Voters Who Need Assistance

Traditional Absentee Ballot
A friend or family member can assist the voter with the paperwork involved with a traditional absentee ballot application and ballot.

Accessible Absentee Ballot
The Michigan Bureau of Elections has launched an accessible absent voter ballot application that can be used to apply for an accessible electronic absent voter ballot for the August Election. Blind voters and others with severe disabilities that prevent them from voting absent voter ballots privately and independently can mark the documents on an electronic device, using their own assistive technology, without visiting a polling place or clerk’s office. The voter may download an accessible absentee ballot application to request an accessible absentee ballot. The accessible absentee ballot application and ballot are digital pdfs that can be electronically signed, printed, and returned to the Clerk. These documents work with software that will read to the voter who needs the accommodations.

Voter Assist Terminal
The voter may make an appointment at City Hall to use the Voter Assist Terminal – a computer that can mark and print a ballot for a voter who needs assistance. This is the same device that is provided to accommodate voters in every live precinct on Election Day.

Curbside Voting
The voter may make an appointment for curbside voting. Two members of the Clerk’s Office will assist the voter, witness the transaction, and complete the necessary documents as directed by the voter. 

Contact the Clerk’s office at elections@bhamgov.org or 248-530-1880 for further directions and assistance.

Election Updates from the Clerk's Office

Understanding Absent Voter Ballot Applications

Frequently Asked Questions

If I submit an absentee ballot early, whether at the Clerk's office, via the drop box, or via mail, will it be counted as soon as it's received at the Clerk's Office?
No. Ballots will not be opened and counted before Election Day for security purposes as according to election law. Ballots will be checked in, filed, and secured in the Clerk's office until they are ready to be processed on Election Day.
How do I return my completed ballot to the City?
The Clerk's Office is happy to announce the new drive up absentee ballot drop box located at City Hall near the driveway entrance off of Henrietta. You may simply drive up, deposit your ballot and be on your way. Do not forget to sign and seal the envelope. If you prefer to mail your ballot, the postage is on us! All absentee ballots will have postage included on their return envelopes. The Clerk's Office strongly encourages you to mail your ballot as soon as possible to ensure that it is received by received by Election Day.
What is an Absent Voter Ballot Application?
An absentee ballot application is not a ballot. By submitting it, voters are requesting to obtain an absentee ballot by mail and vote using that method. Adding your name to the Permanent Absent Voter List means you will receive an absent ballot application in the mail for every election.
Why are voters encouraged to vote by mail in the upcoming elections?
You have the right to vote by mail in every election. Voting by mail is easy, convenient, and secure. During the outbreak of COVID-19, it also enables you to stay home and stay safe while still making your voice heard in our elections. Absent voting has many benefits including avoiding long lines, the ability to maintain social distancing, and time to study the ballot.
Why is it called a "Permanent" Absent Voter List? Does that mean I may no longer vote in person?
No, it does not. The "Permanant Absent Voter (AV) List" is simply an affirmation that a voter wishes to receive an application for an absentee ballot for every upcoming election. The completed absentee ballot application must be returned to the Clerk's Office in order to receive a ballot by mail. If a voter requests and receives an absentee ballot, they can surrender it and vote in person if they wish. Voters always have the choice to vote absentee or in person.
What should I do if I plan to move prior to the elections?
Notify your city clerk and visit www.Michigan.gov/Vote to learn how to receive an absentee ballot in your new community.
What should I do if I just moved to Birmingham and received an absent voter ballot application from my old community?
Contact the Birmingham City Clerk's Office at 248-530-1880 to request a new absent voter ballot application. Let your previous City Clerk know that you have moved.
Where can I find more information?
Follow these links for a general voting FAQ and absentee voting information from the State.

For more information on voting in Michigan, please visit the Michigan Secretary of State's website:  www.michigan.gov/sos.