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Current Construction Projects

Updated: Sep 9, 2021
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2022 Construction Season
2022 is looking to be a very busy year for construction in Birmingham. There are some projects
from 2021 that are scheduled to be finished this spring as soon as weather conditions allow,
followed by this years’ planned capital projects. Note that all projects are subject to City
Commission approval and budget constraints.

Sewer Rehabilitation Program
This project includes sewer rehabilitation services to clean and inspect certain sewer
segments throughout the City. Work items for rehabilitating minor sewer issues that
may be found, such as removal of roots, grinding mineral deposits, grouting leaking
joints, and limited internal patching of holes and open joints. The
contractor for this project is DVM Utilities and work is continuing on this project to improve the sewer system.

Parking Lot #5 Slope Repair

Design is underway for slope stability and erosion control measures to stabilize the slope
along the northern edge of lot #5. Excessive rain events that overwhelm the storm
sewer catch basins has resulted in deterioration of the slope that extends down to the
Rouge River from the north end of the parking lot. This work will have to be
coordinated with the planned asphalt pavement repairs in the parking lot.

2022 Concrete Sidewalk Program
The 2022 sidewalk repairs program will focus on Residential Area 5 and Downtown
Area 1C. Area 5 extends in general from Southfield Rd to the western City limits, and
Maple Rd to the southern City limits14 Mile Road. Area 1C of the downtown generally
extends from Woodward to Pierce, from Maple Road to Daines. Construction on this
work would likely begin in late summer.

2022 Cape Seal Program
Design has been completed for cape-seal treatment on Taunton between Woodward and Lincoln, Torry
between Emmons and Sheffield, Bradford between Sheffield and Eton, Croft between Bradford and 14
Mile Road, Penistone between Torry and 14 Mile Road, Banbury between Torry and Sheffield,
Humphrey between Torry and Eton, and Melton between Taunton to Eton. The existing unimproved
road surface will be restored with a new cape-seal treatment as part of the unimproved street
maintenance program. Work will occur in 2022 and 2023.

Planned Projects for the 2023 Construction Season

Cranbrook Non-Motorized Shared Use Path (TAP Grant)
Design work has started for constructing a new 10-ft wide shared use path along
Cranbrook, from 14 Mile to Midvale, and new sidewalk along the north side of 14 Mile,
from Cranbrook to the western City limits, and on the south side of Lincoln, from
Cranbrook to Golfview. This project will likely start later in the summer, with completion
in the fall.

Water Tower Maintenance and Coating
Necessary repairs and maintenance work will be performed on both water towers,
including replacing the coatings (paint) on the exterior and interior of the tanks. Project will be bid in Fall
2022 with construction starting in Spring of 2023.

Unimproved Streets
With the City Commission’s approval of the policy modifications related to initiation of
street improvement projects, the Engineering Department is planning to initiate design
of a water and sewer improvement project to be constructed in 2022 on the following unimproved
• Westwood Drive, Raynale St. to Oak St. including:
• Oak St., N. Glenhurst Dr. to western City Limits
• Raynale St., N. Glenhurst Dr. to western City Limits