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Current Construction Projects

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Planned Projects for the 2024 Construction Season
Map showing areas for 2024 Capital Improvements

The city will host a third S. Eton Resurfacing Project Public Open House on Wednesday, July 12 from 6 – 8 p.m. in the conference room at the Department of Public Services, located at 851 S. Eton Street. Comments received from the public regarding proposed concepts will be considered by the City Commission at the final design hearing on Monday, July 24, 2023. The construction project will take place on S. Eton Street between 14 Mile Road and Yosemite Boulevard beginning in the spring of 2024. Learn more at https://conta.cc/3JPcAip.

Streets, Sewer, and Water Infrastructure Enhancements Coming this Year

2024 construction projects will be starting shortly throughout the city! The following is an overview of the capital improvement projects scheduled for this year. Additional information can be found at www.bhamgov.org/engineering.

Parking Lot No. 5 Slope Repair:

Install Plantings

2023 Sewer Rehabilitation Program:

The project will be completed in Spring 2024 and includes cleaning and televising sewer, and sewer lining at various locations throughout the City.

2023-2024 Asphalt Resurfacing Program:

Pavement resurfacing will occur on the following streets:

  • Birmingham Blvd.: 14 Mile to Northlawn
  • Henrietta: Frank to Brown
  • Ann: Frank to Landon
  • Chester: Martin to Maple Road

The City will be completing crack sealing and rejuvenation on various streets throughout the City. 

2023 and 2024 Concrete Sidewalk Program:

Repairs to the sidewalk within downtown area 1B: N. Old Woodward to Maple Road, and Maple Road to Rouge River and miscellaneous repairs throughout the City are being completed from the 2023 Sidewalk Program.

The 2024 Sidewalk Program will include:

  • Miscellaneous sidewalk repairs throughout the city and in Shain Park
  • Residential Area 7: West of the Quarton Lake/Rouge River to Adams, and Maple Road to North City Limits
  • Downtown Area 1A: North of Maple and west of N. Old Woodward ADA Ramps within the Downtown Area
  • Random Spot Repairs on Sidewalk and Pavement

2024 Trip Elimination Services:

Remaining sidewalk trip hazard elimination work will begin in the spring in Residential Area 8: Adams Road to Coolidge Road, and Maple Road to North City Limits. 

2023 and 2024 Cape Seal Program:

The 2023-2024 Cape Seal Program includes unimproved streets located between:

  • Worth: Rivenoak to Kennesaw
  • Rosedale: Oakland to Rivenoak
  • Poppleton: Ridgedale to Oakland
  • Oxford: Madison to Rivenoak
  • Lawndale: Oakland to Madison
  • Chestnut: Elm to Adams
  • Hazel: Elm to Adams
  • Worthington: Southfield to Latham
  • Wakefield: Southfield to Norfolk
  • Southlawn: Southfield to Latham

2023-2024 Sewer Rehabilitation Program and Backyard Sewer Lining:

The city is continuing to rehabilitate the in-backyard sewer in the Quarton Lake neighborhood and plans to complete the remaining blocks this year. 

Redding Road:

This project will include water and sewer system improvements, ADA ramp upgrades, and full-depth road reconstruction from Lakepark to Woodward Ave. If you would like to receive regular updates on this project, register with the City's Constant Contact service at the following link.
Constant Contact Registration

Edgewood Avenue:

This project will include the replacement of sewer from 1929 from E. Lincoln to Catapla, a new 8" watermain from Catapla to Southlawn, ADA ramp upgrades, and full-depth road reconstruction from E. Lincoln to Southlawn. If you would like to receive regular updates on this project, register with the City's Constant Contact service at the following link.
Constant Contact Registration

Oakland Avenue and Haynes Street:

This project will include minor sewer repairs, abandoning the existing 6" watermain, reconfiguration of N. Old Woodward and Oakland Intersection, and resurfacing the road from Old Woodward Ave. to Woodward Ave.

Pierce Alley and Maple Alley:

Pierce Alley, from Merrill to Pierce Street, and Maple Alley, from Henrietta Pierce Street will have minor sewer repairs, street lighting upgrades in Pierce Ally, and full-depth road reconstruction on both alleys.

Arlington Road and Shirley Drive:

This project will include water and sewer system improvements and the installation of asphalt pavement at the current dimensions of the streets from W. Lincoln to Maple Road.

North Adams Road:

This project includes minor sewer and watermain repairs, reducing the roadway to 3 lanes, and resurfacing the road from Madison to the north city limits.

Woodward Avenue and Brown and Woodward Avenue and Forest Intersection Improvements (MDOT): 

MDOT will start the Spring 2024 construction of improving pedestrian crossing and traffic signals at Woodward and Brown and Woodward and Forest. There will be a one-lane closure on Woodward Avenue during construction, and there will be times when Brown Street and Forest Street will be closed for up to 10 days for construction. 

Lead Service Replacement Program Progress:

The Lead Service Replacement Program will continue in 2024 for the City's goal to replace all lead services in the City by the end of this year. The City recently mailed property owners with known lead water services regarding scheduling the replacement of their water service for free. The City will be starting a door-knocking effort to replace water lead services. If the property owner is not available, a flier will be left. Please follow the steps in the letter or flier to schedule your water service replacement.   

Water Service Verification Program

The City has a deadline of October 2024 to submit 364 water service material information to the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE). The City randomly selected 364 water services to verify the material for this ELGE requirement. The City will be knocking on doors to talk to the property owner about verifying the "In-Home/Business" water service line material. If a property owner is not home, a flier will be left with the next steps to follow.