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Mini Parks

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Mini parks are categorized as small, specialized parks that are usually less than one acre in size and serve the needs of residents in the immediate neighborhood.  These parks usually serve a limited population or specific demographic group.

Baldwin Well Site:

Baldwin Well Site is located at the corner of Baldwin and West Maple.  No amenities are located at this site.

Derby Well Site:

The Derby Well Site, located on the northeast side of the city adjacent to the railroad along Derby Road, contains no active recreational amenities.

Pump House Park:

The Pump House Park is located in the southwest portion of the city at Wakefield and Norfolk.  There is some small play equipment located at this site.

Redding Well Site:

Redding Well Site is located at the corner of Lakeside Drive and Redding in the northwest portion of the city.  No amenities are located at this site.

South Well Site:

The South Well Site, which is broken into two small vacant parcels, is located at Southfield and Southlawn in the southwestern portion of the city.