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Property Tax Information

Updated: Sep 9, 2021
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Property taxes are required to fund City programs and services such as police and fire protection, refuse collection, capital and infrastructure improvements and recreational facilities and activities. Approximately 70% of the City's General Operating Fund is derived from property taxes. This revenue source is based on taxable valuation of industrial, commercial, and residential real and personal property as determined by the City Assessor. The millage rates levied on the taxable values are determined each year during the annual budget process. The millage rates are established so as to provide sufficient funding to support the level of service, programs and projects approved in the annual budget.

Pay taxes online

Choose correct mailing address when paying property taxes via online banking portals

The City reminds those taxpayers who pay their taxes online through their bank to select the following mailing address with your tax payment: 

P.O. BOX 671732
DETROIT, MI 48267-1732

As you can see, the City’s bank is in DETROIT! That is why the Detroit P.O. Box is listed for the payment. The City urges you to confirm that you have the correct P.O Box, City and Zip Code information when associated with your tax payment. If you do not include the correct city or zip code information, your payment may be at risk of not being delivered to the City. 

The City also reminds you to please include your 12-digit parcel number 08-XX-XX-XXX-XXX which can be found on your tax bill, as your account number. 

General Information

The City of Birmingham issues two tax bills every year. The first tax bill is mailed on July 1 and due without penalty on August 31. The second bill is mailed December 1 and is due without penalty on February 14.

The July tax bill is comprised of Birmingham City tax, Intermediate School, partial Birmingham School, Oakland Community College, Oakland County tax and State Education taxes. After August 31, the penalty is ¾ of 1 percent per month or fraction of a month.

The December bill is comprised of HCMA, Oakland County Parks & Recreation, Oakland County Public Transportation Authority, Zoo Authority, Art Institute and partial Birmingham School tax. There is an additional 3% penalty on property taxes paid February 15 through February 28. Beginning March 1 property taxes must be paid at Oakland County.

Tax Rate

You can calculate your tax bill by dividing the taxable value of your property by 1,000 and multiplying that number times the millage rate. A Principal Residence with a taxable value of $187,250 would have a $6,849.60 July 2019 tax bill and December 2019 tax bill of $993.59 for a total of $7,843.19 ($187,250/1,000 x 41.8862). A mill translates to $1.00 for every $1,000 in taxable value.

View 2022 Tax Rate Information

Birmingham Homeowner's Principal Residence Tax Rates

The information shown below represents the principal residence millage rates as adopted for 2022. For additional information about the specific millage rates for a property, including special assessments and non-homestead millage rates, please contact the Treasurer's Office at 248.530.1890.

      July 2022 December 2022
City of Birmingham Operating    10.7655 -
  Debt   .5104 -
  Refuse   0.7641 -
  Library   1.3142 -
    Total City 13.3542  
Birmingham Public Schools Supplemental   2.4816 2.5326
  Debt   3.8000 -
    Total Schools 6.2816  
Oakland County Community College     1.4891 -
Oakland County Intermediate Schools     3.1658 -
State Education Tax     6.0000 -
Oakland County     3.9686 0.5501
Zoo Authority     - 0.0945
SMART     - 0.9500
Art 9851     - 0.1945
    Total 34.2593 4.3217

Deferment of Taxes

Deferments are available for senior citizens and legally disabled persons with an annual income of less than $40,000. This deferment is for a homeowner's principle residence only and allows summer taxes to be paid on or before February 14 of the following year without penalty. Qualified individuals must complete the Application for Deferment of Summer Taxes Form annually, and return to the Treasurer's Office, along with a copy of your MI-1040CR before September 15th. Download a Summer Deferment FAQ for more information.

24 Hour Tax Information Hotline

Property tax information is available on the Oakland County 24 Hour Tax Hotline by dialing 888.600.3773. To access the information, you will need to enter your 10 digit parcel Id number. There is no charge for this service.

Personal Property Taxes

Personal Property is assessed as of tax day, December 31st of last year.  Businesses in existence on tax day are responsible for the full amount on the July and December tax bills.

Tax Payments

Taxes can be paid in person or by mail. The Treasurer's Office is open from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. The Treasurer's Office is inside City Hall at 151 Martin Street, which is one block west of Old Woodward and one block south of Maple. Our office is closed on holidays.  There is a self-addressed return envelope enclosed in your tax bill for your convenience.  A drop box is located behind City Hall.

You may also pay taxes online.

Tax payments must be physically received by the Treasurer's Office on or before the due date to avoid penalty. If taxes have not been paid before March 1, both July and December will be payable to the Oakland County Treasurer.

If you do not receive your summer tax bill by the end of the first week in July or your winter tax bill by the end of the first week in December, please call the Treasurer's Office at 248.530.1890. We will send you a copy of your bill.

The tax bills are mailed either to the homeowner or the homeowner's mortgage company; therefore, it is very important that the homeowner keep the city informed of any changes in homeowner's mailing address or mortgage company information. In the case of a refinance, a new mortgage company may now be responsible for paying the taxes, or the taxes are no longer taxes paid through an escrow account.  State law holds the homeowner responsible for making sure taxes are paid.  Please contact the Treasurer's Office at 248.530.1890, or in writing with the property owner's signature, to change the mailing address.