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Museum Exhibits

Updated: Sep 9, 2021
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Our Take on Exhibits
Firefighter's clothing.Creem DisplayMuseum exhibits are an important way that Birmingham's cultural heritage is shared with the public.  Exhibits include both ongoing (permanent) exhibits and changing exhibits.  Exhibit displays rotate depending on theme and content, but always include objects from the museum's permanent collection.  Occasionally, items are loaned by other institutions or individuals as well.  Exhibits take a significant amount of time to plan and design.   Have an idea for an exhibit?  Send us an email to museum@bhamgov.org.   

In addition to its permanent exhibits that explore the history of Birmingham and the surrounding area, the museum hosts a variety of changing exhibits. For more information regarding current and upcoming exhibits, please contact the Museum.

Current Exhibit 
A Tapestry of Birmingham: Exploring our Diversity
Tapestry Exhibit Graphic
Recent work by volunteers and museum staff has uncovered a historical treasure of local diversity. Asian Americans, Jews, Irish and Muslim immigrants, formerly enslaved and free Black Americans, and Indigenous people have all been part of Birmingham's story.

What have we learned about our past attitudes toward minorities and people of color? When and how did Birmingham differ from the dominant social views over the past 200 years, and what forces promoted discrimination and prejudice? How was our community shaped by these attitudes?

Come join us for an exploration of the many shades of Birmingham's diversity from its earliest pioneer beginnings to the late 20th century. We think you'll be surprised. We were!