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    Photo by Ed Morykwas,
    River of Time Photography.
  • Yoga in Shain Park
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    Photo by Ed Morykwas,
    River of Time Photography.
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  • Booth Park Oatley
    Photo by Alan Oatley.
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  • Birmingham Storefronts 1920s


Old Woodward Reconstruction Update

Old Woodward Rendering

Learn about the Old Woodward Reconstruction Project at Receive regular updates about this project by signing up for the "Old Woodward Reconstruction General Information" group at Residents may also sign up for the project e-notify system at to get real time updates by email or text.

Inside City Hall
Fire Hydrant Flow Testing
The Birmingham Fire Department is conducting the annual flow testing of the City's hydrants throughout May. The testing provides the department with the flow pressure and volume of water that is expected from each hydrant. Additionally, it reveals hydrants with mechanical problems. Flow testing is one of the ways the Department ensures that hydrants are operable and give the proper water flow when needed. Unfortunately, this may cause the water in the immediate area to appear rust colored. Visit to learn about what you can do if you experience rust colored water (please note it does not pose a health problem). This week hydrant flowing is taking place North of Maple to Quarton, starting at Lakepark heading west to Westwood.

The Fire Department conducts flow tests Monday through Thursday between the hours of 8:00 AM and 3:00 PM. Visit to view a map indicating what areas are to be flowed by year.
Parking More than Three Hours? Go Up!
If you're parking in Birmingham's parking structures for more than three hours, the City asks that you go UP. Freeing up spaces on the first and lower levels of the parking structures has the following benefits: opens 250 short-term spaces, increases traffic flow efficiency and reduces full capacity occurrences. The City appreciates your patience and understanding!